Apple removes 39,000 gaming apps from China Play Store due to license infringement

Anti-China sentiments have been growing in numerous parts of the world ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world back in February 2020. Since then many global firms and governments are removing Chinese apps from their respective countries and platforms to enhance their security protocols. A month back, India removed 43 Chinese apps from the play store. This time, the Cupertino tech firm Apple removed 39,000 gaming apps from the China App Store as the games that existed on the platform were unlicensed. 

The company had already presented a deadline to the developers to get the license from the app controller, but they failed to renew it within the specified time. This is claimed to be the largest removal of apps for any company in the world on a single day.

Along with 39,000 apps, Apple also wiped out a total of 46,000 apps from the App Store. Qimai, a research firm, mentioned that some of the major apps which have been removed and affected include NBA2K20 and Assassin’s Creed Identity by Ubisoft. The report also highlighted that out of the total 1500 paid apps, only 74 of them are now there on the platform. 

However, the apps that have met the policies of Apple were not removed. Experts also stated that Apple is very keen to remove apps that are not abided by its policies. All the apps need to renew their license in a certain period. 

The Cupertino tech company back in February 2020 had given the deadline to the developers to get their license renewed by the end of June 2020. They have taken it very lightly, feels Apple. China is the globe’s biggest market for mobile gamers and hence the renewed licenses from the government would assist the gamers to do in-app purchases through the Apple App Store.

Todd Kuhns, marketing manager for AppInChina said, “This major pivot to only accepting paid games that have a game license, coupled with China’s extremely low number of foreign game licenses approved this year, will probably lead more game developers to switch to an ad-supported model for their Chinese versions.”


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