Thinking of buying Apple HomePod? Here’s all you need to know

Would it be worth it to be an Apple HomePod?

Apple HomePod isn’t just a solid smart speaker from Apple but it is also the pivotal product that represents Apple’s changing focus over the past decade – from the golden era of iconic iPods to the greatest iPhones and now smart speakers.

While Apple has also launched the Apple HomePod mini, the original HomePod remains a relatively popular smart speaker option. Moreover, many people wonder if they should shell out their pockets during sales and go for Apple HomePod or not.

In this guide, you will get to know three reasons why you should buy Apple HomePod and three why you shouldn’t buy Apple HomePod.

Buy: If you’re looking for excellent audio

If you want to have an amazing audio experience, HomePod would be a great choice for you. The HomePod sounds really good and the audio will elevate your music listening experience to a whole new level.

Apple HomePod

While Amazon and Google smart speakers also offer similar sound, Apple has a trick up its sleeve. The mics in the HomePod measure the room and figure out the best way to play sound for a more immersive experience that is suited to your room. Unfortunately, Amazon and Google devices cannot match this feature.

This kind of feature is only found on high-end audio setups while it allows users to get an overall impressive home audio experience without diving deep into settings.

Don’t Buy: If you’re expecting the same performance on Apple HomePod as Siri on Mobile

HomePod comes with Siri, Apple’s digital assistant. However, Siri on HomePod isn’t the same as Siri on iPhones. HomePod’s Siri is fairly limited in abilities, so it cannot always do the things that it would have otherwise been able to do on iPhones.

Moreover, Siri in general, isn’t nearly as flexible or as comprehensive as Google Assistant, in terms of answering questions or connecting your smart-home devices.

Buy: If you love Apple Music

If you’re a big fan of Apple Music, HomePod would be the right smart speaker for you. Not only is it one of the few speakers that support Apple Music, but Apple Music is actually required to use the HomePod.

Apple HomePod

You can use Siri to stream music and subscribe to Apple Music to enjoy a seamless music listening experience.

Don’t buy: If you just want voice control

Do you only want voice controls for controlling your smart home? If yes, then HomePod would be a fairly expensive option. HomePod is more about the sound experience, so if you want voice control, there are other better options out there.

Moreover, you’d be surprised to know that most of the HomeKit compatible gadgets that you control using Siri or Home App on your iPhone/iPad also work seamlessly with Amazon Echo or Google Home devices.

Buy: For the Apple Ecosystem

If you’re a huge Apple fan and you wish to live in a complete Apple ecosystem, then Apple HomePod would be the perfect smart speaker. You could use HomePod for sending messages using just your voice while HomePod will read back the replies. The HomePod keeps track of your location, so it won’t read your messages if you’re not at home. Moreover, HomePod can also be used for voice calling as it’ll act as a better quality speaker for your iPhone.

Don’t buy: If you love using Spotify

If you’re a Spotify user with no plans of shifting to Apple Music, HomePod might not be the best fit for you.

Apple HomePod

HomePod will not take your voice to play music. Spotify and Siri will not work as Apple forbids Siri from responding to third-party apps. Though you can still play Spotify via AirPlay on your HomePod, it’ll take most of the benefits out of using the smart speaker.

If you want to use your voice for controlling Spotify, you can choose Amazon Echo or Google Home devices.



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