Lanour Beauty Lounge unveils UAE’s First microchip manicure to store data on your fingers

Lanour Beauty Lounge introduces UAE to the futuristic microchip manicure

Dubai-based Lanour Beauty Lounge has introduced the microchip manicure technology to UAE by storing and sharing data in fingernails via a microchip. The data can be transferred within a matter of seconds by taping the finger on a phone, eliminating the need for any cash or business cards.

Yup, that’s right. The popular salon in Dubai’s World Trade Centre will offer a high-tech smart nail microchip manicure to make your transactions more futuristic. In the advanced paperless world where information can be shared within a few clicks, Lanour Beauty Lounge has taken things one step further.

Microchip Manicure – the perfect mix of beauty and futuristic innovation

The manicure will involve placing a microchip on top of the fingernail and covering it with layers of glittering nail polish, making the chip completely invisible. The Dubai-based beauty lounge claims that the microchip makes use of NFC (near-field communication) technology. It is a short-range wireless charging that makes wearables, smartphones, payment cards, and other electronic devices even smarter. It works over a short distance (i.e. 4cm or less). They claim that a simple tap on the fingernail having the chip will transfer personal data such as social media details, WhatsApp details, or a digital business card within seconds.

Microchip manicure

The beauticians at Lanour will place a tiny microchip on your nail and top it off with layers of glitter coating. You will then have the option to customize the data you wish to store – from your WhatsApp number to social media handle to email, the choices are interchangeable.

Microchip manicure

A safe, secure way of sharing information

The microchip manicure is fairly safe as the microchip cannot be hacked or tracked. The chip is limited in terms of data storage capacity for now. Nour Nakarem, the CEO of Lanour Beauty Lounge claims that he is hopeful of technological advancements in the future. Moreover, he believes the nail idea can be further developed to the point that people could share menus, pay bills, and give other information.

The cost of the Smart Nail microchip manicure starts at just AED 250 (approx. $70) for the first application. This futuristic manicure lasts for as long as three weeks. In case you want the annual membership, you’ll need to shell out AED 1,000 (approx. $300) for 12 applications.


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