Suspected Russian hackers now hijacked the US Department of Homeland Security

SolarWinds, the US based firm mentioned spammers hacked 18,000 of the firm’s customers who were forced to download a compromised software update

After the malicious threat on the U.S Treasury and Commerce department’s internal, the US Department of Homeland Security were now said to have hacked and monitored is a series of breaches, claims three anonymous sources from DHS. The hackers are supposed to be from Russia who were monitoring secret departments of US from the past several months, people familiar with the matter said.

Of late, the Washington Post also stated that the National Institute of Health and the State Department were also hacked. When the departments were reached out for comment, they didn’t reveal anything official as of now.

Highlighting this matter, a Pentagon spokesperson said to Reuters, “For operational security reasons the DoD will not comment on specific mitigation measures or specify systems that may have been impacted.”

SolarWinds, the US based firm that develops software for businesses mentioned that it is the actual ladder used by spammers who hacked 18,000 of the firm’s customers who were forced to download a compromised software update. It ultimately helped the hackers to spy on their agencies, businesses, confidential documents for over nine months.

On Sunday, the state passed an emergency warning to uninstall all SolarWinds software from the government departments that had been attacked by high-end spammers. The warnings appeared after Reuters exclusively stated that alleged Russian hackers have spammed SolarWinds software updates, which were further used to hijack several US government agencies. Moscow denied any link with these phishing.

To Reuters, SolarWinds said, “they currently believes the actual number of customers that may have had an installation of the Orion products that contained this vulnerability to be fewer than 18,000.”


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