Samsung reportedly working on a 600MP ISOCELL camera sensor

Samsung is reportedly working on a 600MP smartphone camera sensor

The smartphone industry has been active in the pixel war for quite some time. While smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 1020 already broke boundaries ahead of time, many smartphone manufacturers are finally in a position to use heavy sensors for producing high-resolution photos and videos on a practical scale. Now, Samsung is planning on stretching the boundaries of today’s smartphones by including a massive 600MP camera sensor.

After successfully launching the 108MP smartphone camera sensor, Samsung is now working on a 600MP smartphone camera sensor. New reports have revealed that Samsung is taking the technology to the next level with the new camera sensor. If Samsung is successful, this will be a big leap forward, considering the magnitude of the sensor and the massive difference between its predecessors.

Tipster reveals Samsung working on a 600MP camera sensor

A reliable tipster, Ice Universe has leaked that Samsung could be working on a 600MP smartphone camera sensor. The presentation slide shows a sketch that describes Samsung’s potential technology. The ISOCELL sensor is still in its initial phase of development and shows a few problems with the design, including an abnormally deep camera bump.

The camera bump making the device un-pocketable?

Moreover, the presentation revealed a camera bump of 22mm. The potential 600MP camera will increase the thickness of the smartphone by 22mm. This means the camera bump isn’t just going to cause a little wobble but it would make the device un-pocketable. One of the solutions to this issue could be that Samsung comes up with a detachable camera module similar to what Oppo is trying with its patented removable camera module. It could work as an accessory like Motorola did with the Moto Z a few years back.


The 600MP camera sensor will be able to easily record 4K and 8K videos better. The large sensor will make sure that there is no loss of quality even when zooming in. This feature will definitely make it a popular choice among most content creators as they’ll get to record videos of superior quality. Moreover, they’ll be able to zoom in on certain areas without having to worry about poor video quality.

Samsung is in the works to develop a 600MP camera sensor. However, there is no info available on which smartphones will support the new camera sensor. Moreover, there needs to be a mobile processor that can support a camera sensor with a resolution as much as 600MP.



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