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realme unleashes realmeow to showcase diversified personality of Gen-Z

In the future, Realme will launch a customized smartphone and AIoT products based on Realmeow to build all-connected, trendsetting smart life

Realme, one of the fastest growing smartphone brands unveiled the Realme Chief Trend Officer, Realmeow to democratize a trendsetting culture and showcase the diversified personality of Gen-Z.

Inspired by the cat, the Realmeow supports a bold, street-style design and showcases an independent, fearless and agile personality, perfectly representing Realme’s “Dare to Leap ” spirit. Realmeow will be an integral part of Realme’s communication and messaging going forward

The Realmeow is the result of a collaborative effort by the world-famous animator, Mark A. Walsh, and Realme. Mr. Walsh, who was the Directing Animator of Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Character Developer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., joined hands with Realme Design Studio as Creative Consultant to create the trendsetting Realmeow. He believes, “Characters start with passion. Defining their passion and the obstacles they must overcome to achieve that passion, is what makes a great personality and identifiable character.”

Realme is committed to bringing the latest trends into the technology industry, integrating trendsetting culture with high-tech, and democratizing them. While co-designing Realmeow, both Mark and Realme believed it should showcase the culture favoured by the young and therefore, the inspiration was taken from street-culture. Additionally, some elements from painting and sculpture were chosen to make it more aesthetic and vivid.

With yellow as the main color of its body, the Realmeow always wears a pair of black Laser Glasses. The glasses can transform any object with just a glance, making it sharp with attitude and explosive with energy.

Embodying the belief of ‘Dare-to-Leap’ and trendsetting culture, Realme believes that the Realmeow is sure to become a cultural identity among Realme fans. To make it more popular among the young, Mark and Realme created it with a cat as the model sample and made it a mysterious creature from Trendsetting Planet. It comes to democratize pop culture.

The Realmeow is a stylish partner for every Realme fan, exhibiting to the world that we are the trendsetting generation ready to Dare to Leap. We believe that the Realmeow will encourage the Realme community to go beyond themselves and create more possibilities.

Aligned with the youth, the Realmeow is 18 years old and looks very elegant with its Laser Glasses. Like all of us, it believes that life is short and happiness is the most important. The Realmeow excels at skating and hip-hop dance, and always swings to rap songs.



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