Nokia announces “Made-in-India” smart air conditioners

 These air conditioner’ pricing starts from Rs 30,999 and will be available on Flipkart from December 29th, 2020

Making its way into the home appliances segment in India, Nokia launches its new range of “Made-in-India” air conditioners in the country. These air conditioners come with some advanced and smart features like adjustable inverter technology, and some smart controls.

“The air conditioners are designed, engineered and manufactures entirely in India and are uniquely tailored to ensure longevity and durability, especially with its blue-fin anti-corrosive technology,” Nokia says.

These air conditioners come in partnership with Flipkart and will be available on the Indian e-commerce site from December 29th, 2020.

“Smart home appliances have paved their way into households that ask for ‘more’ from their devices, and hence with this latest launch of Nokia air conditioners we wanted to bring innovation beyond just cooling – to give both multifunctional and environmentally friendly experience to consumers,” said Dev Iyer, Vice President – Private Brands, Flipkart.

“We are excited to extend our collaboration with Nokia to bring ‘Made-in-India’ Nokia air conditioners to consumers. Over the course of last year, we have launched superior products, at the back of our extensive consumer understanding, to bring offerings that are customized for the needs of Indian consumers,” he added

Nokia Smart AC: Specifications

One of the most notable features of the Nokia air conditioners is its Wi-Fi connected smart climate controls that will ensure the machines offer an experience that is beyond just cooling. Not only that, but the air conditioners will also feature customizable user-profiles and multiple schedulers. The device can be operated remotely through smartphones.    

The air conditioner range would include a four-in-one adjustable inverter mode as well as a self-cleaning technology. The other smart feature includes a filter cleaning reminder and smart diagnosis. It would also come with dual rotary compressors, along with brushless DC motors. There will also be six-in-one air filters and a negative ionizer.

The company also claims that these air conditioners can also eliminate impurities from the indoor air. These air conditioners are also energy efficient according to Nokia.

The device can function in the wide voltage range of 145-265V and does not need a stabilizer. The ACs would come with four-way crossing with Turbo Cross Flow Fan with 100% copper internals.

The price of the Nokia Air Conditioners by Flipkart starts from Rs 30,999. There would be five variant – differing in tons and energy efficiency, according to a press statement by the company.


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