LG Slide smartphone spotted on South Korean carrier Intranet Database

LG Slide is set to be in the works as it is spotted on South Korea's carrier intranet database

Smartphones with rollable screens are emerging as viable alternatives to foldables. Though they still exist largely as prototype or concept devices in the hands of manufacturers like Oppo and LG. The latest report hints that LG is close to getting them ready for consumer use as well.

The LG Slide, LG’s rollable smartphone with the side-rolling display is likely to be a revolutionary smartphone. It has been in the works for quite some time and there have been numerous rumors about it for a while. The next-gen handset is likely to launch in June of 2021 and now it has been spotted on the carrier intranet database of South Korea. This is a huge hint that LG is working on the rollable smartphone and it is likely to be unveiled next year. LG has already unveiled a TV set with a rollable screen at CES 2019 and now it looks like LG could introduce the same technology in a phone as well.

Tipster leaks registration of LG Slide spotted online

A popular, credible tipster @cozyplanes has leaked that LG’s rollable device has been registered in the carrier intranet database of South Korea. The career model no. is LM-R910N while the unlocked model no. is OMD-LM-R910N. There wasn’t a lot of information revealed by the tipster. However, the carrier registration is a big hint that LG is working on the handset. Moreover, a recent trademark hints that LG’s upcoming rollable OLED device will be named the LG Slide.  This next-gen smartphone will likely launch next year and become the second device under LG’s Explorer Project.

LG Slide to follow in the footsteps of the LG Wing

The render leaked last month was based on the patent filed by LG for its “slidably-movable” device. It imagines the phone to come in the size of a regular phone in a compact form with a display that can increase by 100% when the screen is pulled out fully from the left and right side of the device when held vertically.

The LG Slide is set to become the second phone in the Explorer Project of LG. The series already consists of LG Wing with a swivel screen. The LG Slide was recently trademarked with the EUIPO with the “LG Rollable” name being mentioned.

It is possible the LG Slide and LG Rollable two different handsets that LG could be working on. Moreover, another patent spotted recently suggests that LG could be launching a laptop with a 17-inch rollable display.



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