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iPhone 13 will arrive next year with the return of a familiar feature

TouchID fingerprint scanner will come back in iPhone 13 but with an upgrade.

The prediction for iPhone 13 that was made by analyst Ming Ching Kuo last year has been re-confirmed by tipster John Prosser. The new iPhone series will come with a new feature of Touch ID tech.

The iPhone series – from iPhone 5 to iPhone X had the fingerprint sensor authentication technology that came with Face ID. The same technology will be featured in the new iPhone 13 series according to tipster John Prosser. However, the new iPhone will have an upgrade of the technology. The iPhone 13’s Touch ID sensor will not have the same massive bezel at the bottom of the screen as it had for the previous iPhones. Instead, the new iPhone 13’s Touch ID sensor will be placed under the display. 

Apple has two prototypes under tests at the moment that have the Touch ID sensor technology under the phone’s display. However, it is still unclear whether the new iPhone 13 will have come with this technology as it is not new. The technology of Touch ID can be found on other popular phones such as Vivo, Samsung, Oppo among many others. 

One of the reasons for Apple planning to bring the Touch ID technology is because of the Covid 19 and the difficulty that users face with unlocking their phones using the Face ID technology that does not work in low light, when the user is wearing sunglasses or masks, or try in different angles, etc. The iPhone 13 might also embed the Touch ID on the power button just like in the Apple iPad Air.

Apple is asking for opinions from iPhone users on the Face ID technology through a survey about the USB cable that comes with the iPhone box. This has led many to believe that the new iPhone will not come with a USB cable. The questions in the same survey also asked the users whether they are satisfied with the Face ID technology. If the users are against it, they will have some other options, one of which is – ‘I prefer Touch ID.’

Apple fans anticipate the coming back of the Touch ID technology in the new iPhone 13 which is likely to be launched soon.  



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