IMC 2020, day 2 showcased seminars on sustainable secure and inclusive tech like 5G, AI, and others

The day two of the virtual event kicked off with a premier Telco’s CEO Conclave on the topic – “Prioritizing Technology to Generate Sustainable Value”

“STL announces Wi-Fi6 solution and a global ecosystem for developing 5G multi-band macro radios”

There were seven other plenary sessions, including, 5G Use Cases + IoT – Innovation for the Super Generation of Mobile Technology; AI on the Edge – The Next Wave of AI Innovation; Skilling for India – New Age Skills for Inclusive and Sustainable Careers;  Smart Devices, Redefining Devices for the future, Security & Data Privacy Ethics – Trust, Test and Assure – a Multi-pronged Approach; 5G Regulations: Light Touch Regulation, and 5G Broadcasting – From Fallow to High-throughput: Opportunities for India to Leverage ATSC 3.0 Technology.

The second day of the event  witnessed an overwhelming participation from global industry behemoths deliberating on subjects such as, international best practices in the realm of digital transformation, burgeoning exponential technologies, dire need of viable regulatory frameworks, smart devices and a smarter world, cyber-security, environmentally sustainable, inclusive futuristic technology, etc. The overarching theme of IMC 2020 is: Inclusive Innovation: Smart, secure, sustainable’.

Nunzio Mirtillo , Head of Ericsson South east Asia , Oceania and India , “We are convinced that high-speed mobile connectivity like 5G will be instrumental in providing a stable platform for innovation and economic growth, and especially  when we factor in the big potential of digitalizing industry verticals . Based on 5G Business potential study for India, the business opportunity of leveraging 5G to digitalize industries for Indian operators stands at 17 Bn $ by 2030 , with Manufacturing, Healthcare and Energy and Utilities expected to be the Top 3 contributors .”

STL made two key announcements today- the launch of STL’s Wi-Fi6 solution and a global ecosystem for developing 5G multi-band macro radios. Speaking about these announcements, Dr. Badri Gomatam, Group CTO, STL, said “STL’s Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, launched today by Sushil Rawat, VP RAN Platform, Rakuten Mobile, will provide high speed and low latency communications in high-density environments and shape the future of public connectivity.  On the other hand, STL’s initiative to build a global ecosystem for 5G multi-band radio will ensure reliable and scalable deployment of Open RAN radio units and small cells, thereby enabling operators to confidently speed up large-scale deployments of 4G and 5G”

P Balaji – Chief Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Officer, Vi, “Massive Mimo, Cloud-based Networking & Network Function Virtualization are some of the technology interventions that Vi has undertaken, to ensure that Indian consumers are getting the best possible service at affordable prices. If the aspiration of customers is to add more & more to their digital life, as an industry, we have to use technology interventions. Each telecom player has invested a huge amount of money to drive the industry forward for the citizens’ benefit. The telecom industry has continued to support the digital journey of the country.”


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