Apple AirPods Max Case’s design philosophy explained

The design for Apple AirPods Max Case's explained by Apple executives.

In an interview with a Japanese News site, Apple has explained the reasons for the case of its first over-the-head headphones the AirPods Max which was launched only last month. Present in the interview was industrial designer Eugene Whang, VP of product marketing Bob Borchers, and Apple’s VP of industrial design Evans Hankey. The new Apple AirPods Max has been subject to many jokes and memes but the executives have given good reasons to explain why it looks like it does.

The Apple AirPods Max costs INR 59,900. The executives had said that the most significant reason for the Apple AirPods Max Case’s design was to make it storage efficient as today most of the headphones come with large cumbersome cases and it is difficult to fit them in our travel bags when traveling frequently. They said, “case has a structure in which one sheet is cut out and fastened in several places so that it becomes three dimensional.”

The AirPods Max Case is like no other and it is very sophisticated in its design. “When the ear cup is rotated and inserted here, the headband is exposed. Although it is still in the state, it is judged that it is not necessary to cover it because it is made strong in the first place,” said the executives of Apple in the interview. 

The Apple AirPods Max Case band serves perfectly for its users as a holder. It serves the function of easily grabbing it by the exposed band and taking it out of the bag.

The Apple AirPods Max is one of the most popular points to talk about and yet again proved Apple’s philosophy of design which manages to bring out sophistication with design and quality.

What is the price of Apple AirPods Max Case?

The current price of Apple AirPods Max Case is INR 59,900.

What is the use of Apple AirPods Max Case's design?

The design of the Apple AirPods Max Case is that it is easier to carry it in a bag which makes it convenient while traveling.

What is the use of the exposed band of the Apple AirPods Max Case?

The exposed band is helpful to grab it and take it out of the bag or to carry it.

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