A Flipkart teaser reveals the re-launch of Vaio laptops in India

The laptop is teased to make a comeback in India after it got discontinued in the year 2014.

A teaser on Indian’s online retailer Flipkart gives hints on the return of Sony Vaio laptops. Vaio was once a prominent brand of laptops back in the early 2010 decade.

However, there isn’t any news on its launch details as the teaser read – “Stay tuned for more”. Teasing the model’s return the Flipkart teaser reads- “Lighter than your past”, following the model’s years-long hiatus. The teaser is a play on laptops from the period that Vaio ceased making laptops.

“In January, the brand will officially unveil her first AMD model together with another model specially design for the modern office and start selling from one of the leading e-commerce portal – Flipkart, then to further extend to other major retail channels.” – Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director for South Asia, RSD, NexstGo.

The comeback gets finalized after it signed the latest deal with Hong Kong-based Company NexstGo. It has got the approval of the rights to market, sell, and service Vaio laptops in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, Middle East, and India.

As of now, it is being said that the first two models of Vaio laptops for the India market after the comeback will be unveiled as early as January. Vaio says the company now focuses on recapturing its substantial market share and popularity among the Indian audiences yet again with Nexstgo.

“We at Nexstgo are thrilled to reintroduce Vaio to Indian audiences, with a wide range of finest-quality laptops in coming three months,” said Alex Chung, CEO, Nexstgo Company Limited.

“The brand has previously witnessed unrivalled demand from the Indian market, and we believe that the country’s burgeoning tech-enthusiasts and young business professionals will be elated to experience VAIO’s premium solutions once again,” he added further.

A spin-off from Sony was witnessed when back in February 2014, Sony announced the discontinuation of its Vaio PC business. The reason behind is its poor sell. The sale of the Vaio laptop was closed on July 1st, 2014. However, on the same day, the company announced refreshed entries in the Vaio Fit and Pro lines.

Although the sale of the laptop was discontinued, the company offered the after-sales support for all Sony-branded Vaio PCs following the local laws, regulations and warranty policies.

In 2014, the focus of the company shifted from laptops to smartphones and tablets. “The Company has determined that concentrating its mobile product lineup on smartphones and tablets and transferring its PC business to a new company established by JIP is the optimal solution”, Sony stated in their press release back then.

Vaio was later purchased by Japanese Industrial Partners. Sony’s PC business has long underperformed its other divisions. Although Sony saw a steep down in the sale of the Vaio laptop in early 2013, it still wanted to consider various options for Vaio. Sony back then was unable to match the required performance by the Vaio PC. This logically turned down the overall PC market of them.

“With the launch, we aim to expand our distribution network in India and clock a phenomenal growth by 2020. We are honoured to be Vaio’s key partner, and work together with Vaio to rebuild her brand position in India,” Chung concluded


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