5G is going to play a major role in connectivity and technology advancement

At the second day of IMC 2020 panel discussion on Smart Devices – Redefining Devices for the Future, industry veterans and experts shared their in-depth insights on 5G components, its future in India and around, and how it will revolutionise the upcoming smart devices. The industry leaders also highlighted that 5G is not just for the smartphones or the hardware, but it also will connect the entire home or entire ecosystem around us and make everything smarter. They believe that it will transform the entire day to day living of a human being as what we always say that innovation has to be novel and useful.


Let’s find out what the leaders has to say and the key takeout:

Lt. Gen. S.P Kochhar, DG, COAI

For 5G, five components are most important, which include Use Cases, Network, Spectrum, Devices, and most importantly, Financials. It would be really exciting as several things will shape up the future, like IoT, AI, robotics, and other emerging technologies.

5G is not an upgrade, it’s completely a new technology hence it would require a huge capital infusion but currently, operators are already bleeding. Today telecom is the foundation for various industries, so the government needs to look at this industry from a new perspective.

For 5G, the most important aspect will be an enabling ecosystem. There is a background and environment for 5G, but the government must look to facilitate big investments by equipment manufacturers in view of used cases and that will happen when they see RoI on their investment

Madhav Sheth, CEO, realme

We look at 5G as not just a smartphone service, but as a host of connected devices and believe it will basically open up a lot of opportunities for innovations.

I still remember when it was transforming from 3G to 4G, people used to say the 3G is also self-sufficient, why do we need 4G? But now, we see that people are not able to live without 4G and that’s what I think is going to happen with 5G as well.

5G will transform the entire industry because it’s not just for the smartphones, it will connect the entire ecosystem around you, and a host of products will be launched. To ensure that, basically, our day-to-day lifestyles are much more convenient for the use case scenarios.

We will be the first to launch MediaTek Dimensity 800U chipset based smartphones in India.

I think we are on a track to 5G not only in India but globally and I think MediaTek has quite essential role to play. We’ve been hardware providers, I think our job is to make sure that basically we are able to bring 5G devices to the maximum number of people at an affordable price, without compromising any other aspects of the technology of the devices.

I think chips is one of the most integral part of any of the smart devices. Chip sets have evolved tremendously and have become one of the most important aspect for smart devices. One of the integral parts, MediaTek has played one of the most versatile role in opting chipsets for most of the consumer needs

Chipsets have helped us in improving user efficiency, but it will also help us in improving the camera performance in terms of user experience, battery efficiency. Multiple advantages, if I would have to say with audio, it helps us improve voice quality. Due to connectivity to touch controls, I think chipset has become one of the centre of all the smart devices

In the new normal, we are telling people to use mobile for education, connectivity. Pandemic has increased usage of digital devices. The entire new normal situation has changed with digitalization, with young people using digital devices, it has transformed lives.

Sunil Dutt, President – Devices and Mobility, Reliance Jio 

We need to constantly focus on what the new technology and devices will do for the country. A large part of our country is still unconnected. We are still not connected to the mobile broadband. If you notice there are still about 350 million or 400 million devices which are on 4G. So, technology like 5G in its capability would actually create a significant impact on the population and that part of the country. So it will be important to ensure that there is better value proposition for a large population that is unconnected and there is actual transformation of lives or impact on several sectors.

I think from a technology perspective we are prepared for 5G. During the last nine months the whole focus has been about working from home and lot of businesses have gone online, plus a lot of people are accessing education and healthcare online. It has become extremely important for people to be able to access all of that in real time. Therefore, it has become extremely important for digital service providers to be able to bring technology and benefits to the customers. The benefits of connectivity have been made far more affordable.

I think 3G is a story of the past. The whole focus has to be on how to transform to 4G and 5G. I think at Reliance Jio we are completely prepared to be able to one take on the challenge to be able to provide the best of the services.

The telecom sector has been of tremendous importance for the country during Covid times. And one of the key reasons for that is that it has been the backbone which provides not just connectivity on mobility but also provides the backbone for growth in every possible sector that you can imagine. Moving into future, governments are going to be extremely supportive of this sector, and we are going to constantly see the telecom sector evolving.

Anku Jain, MD, MediaTek India

During the pandemic, we have seen strong adoption of digital technology. Going ahead, we are looking at trends like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Drones and Vehicle Automation, and these technologies are seen working in tandem with 5G for a smarter lifestyle. In 2021, we expect 5G to open doors for faster, and smarter, connected smart devices.

EdTech, is witnessing a lot of adoption of not only in tier one and tier two cities, but also remote areas of India. EdTech will help in empowering students from remote areas, who don’t have access to educational content. This will enable progress in providing education. EdTech is a great investment opportunity as it involves subscribers and manifold business cases.

Kuldeep Malik, Director, Corporate Sales, MediaTek India

5G is going to play a major role in connectivity and technology advancement. In the next 5 years, all industries are expected to use AI and IoT in their business. These technologies will boost productivity, increase agility, and flexibility for businesses adding value and making it easy to collaborate. According to recent studies AIoT is slated to boost average productivity by 38%,

MediaTek is the world’s 4th largest fabless semiconductor company and we are powering nearly 2 billion devices a year. MediaTek has been a frontrunner in the global 5G domain, with our Dimensity series of chips and we are working towards making 5G accessible to everyone. We are number 2 in the 5G smartphone SoC space. We believe, by 2022, we should be able to see 5G


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