38 U.S. states, territories filed fresh litigation against Google’s misuse of antitrust laws

  • The government requested the court to investigate Google’s misuse of antitrust laws and to end any such activities, which it discovers to be exclusionary
  • The new lawsuit highlighted Google’s dominance of search advertising and search business to dominate emerging technologies through special agreements

The $1 trillion search engine firm Google is now again caught under alleged dominance of power. Around 38 U.S. states and territories have filed a litigation against the company for its abuse of market power to make its search engine more dominant in products such as speakers, TVs, and cars. A couple of months back, an unnamed complainant has filed a complaint against the company for its dominance of power in Play Store, which is now being investigated by the Competition Commission of India.

The bipartisan coalition of state attorneys general has argued that giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google are utilizing their enormous market power to wash out competitors to gain more profits, which is also impacting startups and small businesses.

Government requested the court to investigate Google’s misuse of antitrust laws and to end any such activities, which it discovers to be exclusionary. According to Reuters, there is a possibility of requiring the company to sell its assets, but as of now, it did not highlighted anything in detail.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, said to Reuters, “The states did not ask for monetary relief. Fines are like kicking gorillas in the shin. We fortunately have remedies that are much broader in scope.”

When Google was reached out for a comment, it mentioned that competition in search was tough, adding that its rivals such as Expedia and TripAdvisor also doing the same. Any changes that the company has made is for the benefit of people. In a blog post, Adam Cohen, Google’s economic policy director said that they are looking ahead to see the results in the court.

The new lawsuit highlighted Google’s dominance of search advertising and search business, which is a deliberate effort by the company to dominate emerging technologies through special agreements. For an instance, the litigation also claimed that Google barricades devices and products that use Google Assistant from including Alexa and other virtual assistants.

lowa Attorney General Tom Miller said to Reuters, “Google is preventing competitors in the voice assistant market from reaching consumers through connected cars, which stand to be a significant way the internet is accessed in the near future.” He is the same person who prosecuted Microsoft Corp back in 1998.

Another argument is that the search engine giant utilizes its SA360 software that is used by advertisers to purchase search ads. It is supposed to be neutral, but Google redirect the ads on its own search platform from Microsoft’s Bing and other search platforms.


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