Vivo’s OriginOS: A breath of fresh air

After a few delays, Vivo has finally unveiled OriginOS, its new custom user interface for mobile users in China. It’s a completely new UI built from the ground up and will likely replace Vivo’s current FunTouch OS in the near future. This release is likely for the Chinese mobile division at the moment, but we can expect the same to roll out to other regions including India in the coming weeks.

Klotski Grid

In terms of new features, Vivo has introduced what it calls a “Klotski Grid” system. Basically, these are widget-like interactive elements that can be customized to expand or compress as per the user’s liking. Except that it’s also possible for icons and the bigger the icons, the more information it can show. Based on this, these elements display different amounts of data. 

Nano Alerts

Another key feature is “Nano Alerts”. This is built-in to the notification system and it basically separates the wheat from the chaff. In a way, it is like Google’s Discover feed that learns from the user’s behavior and patterns. So, for example, it will start showing flight updates or schedules for travelers, or music widgets for those using that feature too often, and so on. The visual presentation of these notifications has also been tweaked to make it much more cleaner and presentable. 

OriginOS also bring new navigation gestures. From the simple swipe to go back to a complex manouver, the company says there are 26 new combinations at the user’s disposal, whichever suits them. 

Behavioural Wallpapers

OriginOS also now has behavioral wallpapers. The built-in ones showcase a condensed blooming process of flowers into just a few seconds.

Vivo has now also added an app tray into the mix as which isn’t typically a Chinese feature, but it is a demanded feature outside of China.  

Dynamic Icons

OriginOS is now also equipped with brand new behavior icons. In the icon, natural changes whether it be cloudy, sunny, rainy and snowy, spring, summer, autumn and winter are reflected, missed calls and text messages will also be reflected on the icon’s shape smartly, and even notes and files will leave traces after being used.

New Control Center

The Control Center has also been completely redesigned which some might call iOS-like. Nevertheless, it looks much more easy to use and visually appealing. Vivo has also added a multi-tasking window feature taking a leaf out of Samsung’s book.

Besides all that, there’s the complete new visual overhaul that really makes OriginOS an an attention grabber. Vivo is yet to release a rollout schedule for its brand new skin on top of Android. We expect to hear more about it soon.


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