A smartphone screen that rolls- Samsung teases new design.

A phone with a new form factor: Samsung's new prototype may sport a stretchable display.

With LG teasing a second Explorer Project, an unnamed device with a rollable display, the tech world already appears to be heading to the world of rollable smartphones. Now, Samsung too appears to have joined the conversation.

While Samsung’s foldable devices are still in the second generation, Lee Jae-Yong, the vice-chairman of Samsung was spotted with a mystery smartphone and it has become the main topic of discussion and speculation. If you take the word of The KoreaTimes, Lee had a phone with a rollable display while visiting Samsung’s R&D center in Seoul, South Korea.

For a long time, Samsung has been working hard to break the monotony of your usual smartphone model that has a big screen on the front. Samsung is looking to introduce a stretchable screen, for which it has already filed a patent. As per rumors and speculations, the 6-inch smartphone would be transferrable to an 8-inch tablet thanks to the advanced flexible panel. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

The rollable smartphone could solve the problem of crease usually experienced with foldable devices. The rollable smartphone could be launched by Samsung next year, though they’ve not yet given it a name yet.

Samsung not the only name in the rollable display game

Samsung is not the only manufacturer trying their hand with a rollable display. LG has recently released the LG Wing with a secondary display and a unique form factor and it has already hinted that it is working on a device with the capability to expand. LG already has expertise in coming up with roll-up OLED TVs and signs point towards Samsung and Sharp looking to use the same kind of technologies.

TCL too is not that far behind as it has already showcased the prototype of their rollable model. The Chinese display maker TCL has already shown a number of concepts in March, a rollable (or scrollable) design, a Z-fold design, and more. In fact, a hands-on video gave an insight into TCL’s design being very appealing – with a 9mm thick screen and no apparent creasing. Moreover, it was also working on micro-motors for rolling out the display at your command. It’ll be interesting to see if LG and Samsung come up with more refined models.

There is no confirmation yet about what the specifications of Samsung’s rollable smartphone could be. It would have mid-range specs similar to what LG has with the Wing. Though Samsung didn’t include a mid-range processor in the Galaxy Z Flip. There are a few rumors flying around that to make clamshell smartphones affordable, Samsung could launch a device with mid-range specs.



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