PlayStation 5 Review: The Next Gen Gaming Console From Sony

PS5 looks to be a promising next-gen console that provides a thrilling experience and live up to its predecessors.

The PlayStation 5 — and its much-anticipated DualSense Controller — is finally a reality. The PlayStation 4 was undoubtedly a fantastic console. It was a great platform where both AAA and Indie games flocked to and shined on. Bolstered by a star-studded lineup of first-party exclusives, the console commanded the attention of hardcore and casual games over the last seven years. While the massive success of PS4 was definitely a good thing for Sony, it left the company with a steep mountain to climb if it wanted to top itself.

Has PlayStation 5 managed to outdo itself with the next-gen console?

PlayStation 5: Hardware and Design

With the PlayStation 5, instead of just releasing a brand new gaming console with more horsepower and a few upgrades, Sony has taken a bold step and established that PS5 is clearly a brand-new generation. The design of the PlayStation 5 speaks volumes, as it looks less like a console and more like a powerful, evil megacorp’s cyberpunk headquarters. The next gen-machine is bold, big, and next to other gaming consoles, looks downright intimidating.

It will take you just one look to feel like the new PS5 is a beast in terms of design and hardware. The PlayStation 5 has a new, fresh, and exciting design and it looks like a dominating console. Although the stand does allow horizontal positioning, it’ll look best vertically. The console has been made a bit larger to accommodate more ventilation and bigger fans will ensure that the PlayStation 5 doesn’t end up sounding like a broken jet engine down the line.

PlayStation 5: DualSense Controller

Whatever you think of the design, there is very little to dislike about the PS5 controller, the DualSense. The DualSense controller truly defines the PS5. The controller has a slew of stunning features, especially adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback. Haptic feedback is certainly nothing new and the adaptive triggers would need to get used to. However, use this controller for a few days and you’d notice how the controller is such a major part of the PS5 as a console.

The first feature that you must try out with the PS5 is the Astro Playroom. It is pre-installed and will best showcase the intricacies of the core controller technology. With haptic feedback, you will feel the surfaces that your player moves across through the controller itself whether it is the clattering of robotic legs on the sheet metal or the glug of a muddy bog. It’ll bring your game to life, especially when it comes to the weather. Lightning strike, hail pelts, etc. reiterate through it and the wind will be brought to life through the built-in mic and the rush of the haptics.

Elsewhere, the DualSense controller will also impress with the adaptive triggers and the ability to limit the resistance and travel in R2/L2. It might sound overwhelming, and initially, it is, because it’ll be a huge difference from anything you’ve ever experienced before. The combo of the haptics, adaptive triggers, and in-built speakers make for a super-powerful gaming experience that you can actually feel physically.

The DualSense controller is a ‘game-changer’, allowing you to genuinely form a real connection with what you see on the screen and feel through the pad in your hands.

PlayStation 5: User Interface

Customization is the theme of the brand new UI that has arrived with the PS5 as it will be the most personalized PlayStation UI there has ever been. Sort of an evolution to the UI from PS4, it takes a bit of presentation and splits it into more user-friendly clusters. The media apps are separated into another area, leaving the PS5 Home UI core dedicated just for the games. This will make everything easier to navigate, especially if you use PS5 quite heavily. Each of the games is given a dedicated space, which is home to sections like trending broadcasts, trophy page, additional content, and more.

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It is the menu that can be accessed by a short press of the PS button and it changes the user interface in different ways. This is the Control Centre and it offers contextual info based on what you’re doing at a given time on your PS5. The UI is highly customizable and gives you instant access to features like friends list, notifications, music, controller info, mic, and more.

PlayStation 5: Backwards Compatibility

Despite concerns, it is easy to access everything that the PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility has to offer. If you have a PS4 external hard disk with games on, just plug it in and get playing or you can even transfer the data over a Wi-Fi connection. Even if you’re looking to stay afresh, you will have a full library of games waiting for you to be downloaded and played. All of the PS4 games and numerous new PS5 games will be listed here.

It is reassuring to see the PS5 backwards compatibility for seamlessly integrating into the UI and library, especially as the initial messaging feels so wooly.

PlayStation 5: Conclusion

The PS5 looks to have done everything right. By going all-in for a complete redesign of its hardware, key UI features, and controllers, Sony has unlocked the next-gen of gaming. With improved graphics and framerates being big positives, there are clear improvements to gaming immersions that’ll define the generational leap. No more wasting time on loading screens, now is the time to go straight into the games at the touch of a button. There are plenty of improvements, all wrapped up into a console and feels and looks like the future.

From the unconventional, futuristic design to the seamless UI to game-changing DualSense controller to the backwards compatibility, PS5 is a gaming console unlike any other. It is an upgrade on every other gaming console in the market currently and is definitely a worthy buy.




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