Slow MagSafe Wireless Charging For iPhone 12 Mini; Here’s Why

The iPhone 12 mini won't support 15W wireless charging like the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 Pro

While iPhone 12 Mini does not go on sale officially until November 13th, there has been a lot of information surfacing online. Thanks to Apple’s new support document, additional details have been released about the device’s MagSafe charging capabilities. As per the document, the iPhone 12 Mini, the smallest model in the series will be limited to just 12W of power delivery as compared to the 15W delivered to the larger iPhone 12 models by MagSafe.

The support page also sheds light on the fact that the power delivered to these handsets at any moment could vary depending on different factors including system activity, current battery charge, and temperature. The support document recommends that you should use at least a 20W USB Type-C charger for optimal charging speeds of 9V@2.56W or 9V@2.22A or higher for the three higher-tier iPhone 12 devices and at least a 9V@2.03VA for reaching peak speeds on the iPhone 12 Mini handsets.

Apple also recommends that you should have the MagSafe charger plugged into the compatible adapter and into the wall before you place your iPhone on it. In case you dock the iPhone devices before plugging in the MagSafe charger, they’ll default to a lower current until you remove them for three seconds – this would ensure maximum charging speeds. Moreover, the MagSafe charger will automatically default to 7.5W output when charging Apple’s AirPods and even slower if it is a Qi-compliant device.

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 12: Battery Comparision

The battery for the iPhone 12 Mini is relatively smaller as compared to other iPhone 12 models. The speed at which the charger delivers power has to do with the battery percentage capacity being full. Over the past few years, smart power delivery systems have come into play at almost the same time as the “fast charging” technology.

If there was only fast charging and no smart charging technology in effect, the potential for disaster would be higher than it is today. As the battery gets closer to 100%, smart charging systems will lower the speed at which the power flows before stopping altogether ideally.

iPhone 12 Mini
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When a smartphone has a battery as small as the one included in the iPhone Mini, the difference between 12W and 15W charging would be relatively small. The iPhone 12 Mini will come with a 2227mAh battery while the iPhone 12 will be coming with a 2815mAh battery, which makes a 588mAh battery size difference between the two.

The difference between 12W and 15W charging on devices having battery sizes less than 600mAh different from each other will be negligible. In fact, the 12W vs. 15W chargers released in the past year have suggested that the difference in charging the same-sized device would be a matter of minutes.



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