Five best geysers to buy this winter

Planning to buy a geyser? Here’s a list of five best ones to help you decide

Winter is almost here and an essential appliance during the weather is a geyser. While buying a one should consider factors like energy consumption, durability, value for money, size of the family, features and warranty.

Keeping all these in mind, The Electronics has got you a list of five geysers that you can buy this winter:

  1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15-litre Vertical Water Heater (Price: Rs 5,799 on Amazon)

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15- litres vertical Water Heater
Credit: Reliance Digital

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15-litres features titanium armour technology, which helps in resisting corrosion and rusting. This results in extended durability of the geyser. This is an energy-efficient geyser that features innovative and swirl flow technology to ensure 29% faster heating.

This geyser comes with multiple safety systems to help prevent any accident from overheating, dry heat and overpressure. The geyser is made of single weld sheet metal that makes it rust-proof. It is mostly suitable for high-rise buildings. It also has an adjustable thermostat and temperature indicator dial.


  • Comes with a 2 years warranty
  • 2HW heating element
  • Consumes 1.75 to 2 units per cut off
  • 4-star BEE rating
  • Suitable for small families
  • Availability of after-sales service


  • No free Installation
  • No 3-pin plug and pipes in the package
  1. V-Guard Victo 15-litre Water Geyser (Price: Rs 6,637 on Amazon)

V-Guard Victo 15-litres Water Geyser

V-Guard Victo 15-litre Water Geyser comes with a high-quality mild steel anti-corrosive powder coating that increases the life of the product and makes it last longer in humid environments. The usage of thick-gauge steel and single-line welding technology helps increase the capability of retaining the hot water for a longer time. The geyser comes with a four-layered safety system, thermal cut-off mechanism, and hi-tech thermostat that ensures switching off the power supply in case of overheating.


  • Two-year product warranty
  • Three-year heating element warranty
  • Five-year inner water tank warranty
  • 4-star BEE rating
  • Free installation
  • Four-layered safety system
  • Thermal cut-off mechanism


  • Takes longer to heat 25 liters of water than other geysers
  • Standard of the digital display is low
  • Not suitable for hard water
  1. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage 15-litres Horizontal Water Heater (Price: Rs 8,099 on Amazon)

AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage 15- litres Horizontal Water Heater

AO Smith water heaters save electricity and this one comes with blue diamond glass lining technology that makes it corrosion resistant. This glass-coated element ensures uniform heating for the continuous flow of hot water. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 geyser features innovative PUF injection technology that ensures high-density distribution of foam. The water inlet diffuser helps break the incoming water jet into a small stream, which changes the flow from vertical to horizontal direction.


  • Seven-year warranty
  • Advanced PUF technology
  • 5-star BEE rating
  • Auto thermostat


  • Installation accessories don’t come with the product
  • No free installation
  • Noisy geyser
  1. Havells Adonia Storage R 25-litre Water Heater with Flexi pipe (Price: Rs 12,299 on Amazon)

Havells Adonia Storage R 25- litres Water Heater with Flexi pipe
Credit: Havells

Havells Adonia Storage R25-litre Water Heater with Flexi pipe features Whirl flow technology to avoid direct control between hot and cold water. This enables the geyser to heat faster and optimise energy saving. The geyser comes with 800 glass coated heating element that offers excellent heating performance and also helps resist oxidation and carbonisation at high temperatures. The water tank comes equipped with heavy-duty magnesium anode rode with a steel core that protects the tank from corrosion and rust.


  • Seven-year warranty
  • LED indicator with digital temperature indicator
  • Feroglas tm technology


  • Poor after-sales service
  • No free installation
  • Not suitable for kitchen
  • Heavy
  1. Crompton Bliss 3-litre Instant Water Heater (Price: Rs 2,399 on Amazon)

Crompton Bliss 3- litres Instant Water Heater

Crompton Bliss 3-litre Instant Water Heater comes with a 3000W copper heating element that enables the geyser to heat the water in no time. The geyser handles up to 6.5 bar pressure which makes it suitable for a high-rise building. Crompton Bliss 3-litre Instant Water Heater comes with a stainless-steel weldless tank that retains its heating efficiency. The geyser features a high precision thermostat, pre-set thermal cut-off, and reset knob which makes it safer to use as these features help in maintaining the fluctuation of the voltage. It comes with an LED indicator that shows when the water is ready to use.


  • Two-year warranty
  • LED indicator
  • Instant heating
  • Compact and easy to install


  • Does not come with auto-cut off technology
  • Poor after-sales services


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