Social Media Once Again Proves Inefficient in Curbing False News

Posts with false claims of Trump's victory and unsupported allegations of voter fraud went viral while the votes were still being counted.

Over the years, social media platforms have become a source of gaining knowledge and information. While there are so many things that go viral and get circulated, circulation of fake news is among the major concern on the Internet. Although this time a certain amount of precautionary measures were taken, yet instances of fake news being circulated and getting viral through social media isn’t something new.

Just recently, social media sites across the globe saw a flood of posts claiming Trump’s victory over Joe Biden. These false claims of victory and unsupported allegations of voter fraud were later flagged off by these social media site as false news but experts believe the harm has already been done.

Critics say that, in environments explicitly built to promote instant sharing and viral posts, bland disclaimers do not cut it.

“We’re on the brink here,” said Jessica Gonzalez, co-CEO of the advocacy group Free Press. She said Facebook should take down disinformation rather than just flag it.

“We’re testing our democracy experiment, and Facebook hasn’t gotten it right up to now,” Gonzalez said.

Donald Trump and his allies falsely tweeted about Trump’s victory, that went viral on all the social media platforms. The similar narrative post was also put out on Facebook, though it had a disclaimer tagged in the post that the ballot counting is in progress and a link was attached with the post for reliable information about the election.

Another tweet by White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany also went viral that said Trump had won in Pennsylvania.

There were many more social media posts that went viral over the concerned issue. This is not the first time that such a thing has occurred but it had happened even during the Presidential Election 2016. Therefore, to avoid feeding false claims and misleading information, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube well beforehand itself have implemented policies that aimed at restricting the spread of false information to sway the outcome of the Presidential Election 2020.

Facebook also took its social media platform about the action it is taking to stop the spread of false news. “Our election Operations Center will continue monitoring a range of issues in real-time” read the tweet made by Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter both have been circulating the message all over social media that the victory claims made by any candidate is premature and should be considered as the votes are still being counted and the winner is not yet announced.

Although even after the restriction measurement taken over by Facebook and Twitter, the false claimed posts were still got circulated by many making them viral and trending. Many users have also fiercely scrutinized the platform for the spread of such fake and false news.

Twitter decided on rooting out false claims made by any user or candidate over their victory, and it would wait for a credible source to announce the name of the US Presidential Election 2020 winner. Whereas Facebook said it would have a virtual “war room” to destabilize these fake news and premature claims.


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