Apple Foldable Phones to Launch in 2022, Tipped to Replace iPad Mini

The report citing "reliable sources" also highlights that the first Apple foldable smartphone (or iPad) will cost $1,499 (approx Rs 1,11,600) for the base 8GB + 256GB storage variant.

Remember the time you would play Snakes or Space Impact on your Nokia device? Or when sending an SMS or switching between ringtones were the most exciting things you could manage on your foldable phone?

Fast forward 15 years and today’s smartphones have punch-hole front cameras, bezel-free displays, 12GB of RAM, in-display fingerprint scanners, and much more.

Sliders and flip phones were once considered to be elite smartphones that only a limited number of people had. Today, those flip phones have transformed into smartphones with foldable screens. So how did this change happen?

Foldable smartphones becoming mainstream as the tech world comes full circle

After years of research and incremental improvements, the smartphone world is going back to the past albeit with a more advanced technological twist to it – smartphones with foldable displays.

Foldable smartphones have been on the verge of becoming mainstream for years – there have been prototypes, rumors, patents, manufacturing defects, and more for years. However, now more and more smartphone manufacturers including Motorola, Samsung, Xiaomi have joined the foldable smartphone scene. As per reports, Apple seems to be the latest name to join the list.

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In the last few years, smartphone manufactures have tried to make smartphones better and more advanced with more RAM, faster processors, better displays, and nicer cameras. Barring a few minor exceptions like the fingerprint scanner, the essence of the smartphone, and what it does is the same except how well it can do it.

However, foldable smartphones can completely change that as they turn a single display screen into two displays. With foldable displays, you will get more screen size to work with, multitask with ease, and more. Foldable smartphones will bring multitasking benefits similar to dual-monitor setups and improve the quality of life for some people. This is why foldable smartphones have gone mainstream and more and more smartphone manufacturers are working on releasing a foldable device.

Apple joins the race to deliver the best foldable smartphone

There have been numerous interesting reports about Apple’s long-rumored foldable smartphone and as per the latest reports by the Israeli website The Verifier, Apple could finally be bringing a foldable device, but at the cost of the iPad Mini.

The report also makes sense given the previous claims that Apple’s first foldable device will be more of a foldable iPad that’ll run iPadOS.

The report also adds that the upcoming foldable device by Apple will have at least 8GB of RAM with 256GB of internal storage. Though you might need to shell out some money as the base model could cost you as much as $1,499.

While there isn’t a lot of information about the device on the internet yet, the reports do claim that the foldable phone is nowhere close to being launched and will likely be unveiled in the latter part of 2022. However, with Apple launching products at a tremendous speed lately, don’t put it past them to end up launching the foldable phone sooner than expected.



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