33% people think social media impacts them positively, finds study

A study conducted by Audience Project looks into the impact of social media across the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Norway

Around 33% people think social media has had a positive impact on their lives and 20% think it has impacted them negatively, according to a study conducted across US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

The recent report titled Insights 2020 by Audience Project studied the popularity of social media platforms and looked into its impacts on people. The study dissected social media usage patterns and preferences.

Around 41% Finnish people believe that social media has added positivity to their lives and in Finland and Germany only 8% participants think social media has had a negative impact on their lives. On top of this list was the US, where 17% people admitted to the negative impacts of social media.

While more than a third of the participants said social media was important to them, Facebook was the platform most people said they couldn’t do without. Despite this, a third of the participants said they had considered stopping using Facebook. While onethird of Instagram users use the platform to follow brands, half of Twitter users are in it for the news. This shows the individual importance each app holds in the lives of people.

Half of the participants believed that social media’s impact on their lives was insignificant, according to the study. For 54% Germans and 45% Americans and Finnish participants social media had no effect on them at all.

The report emphasised on the growth of Instagram across countries and how it has emerged as a highly relevant platform for advertising. More than twothird of Instagram users check it daily and most people follow brands on the app.

In the US, Facebook has held the title of being the most important app consecutively for the fourth year. But for the population in the age group of 15-35 years, Instagram is the most used app. In countries like UK, Germany, and Finland, WhatsApp takes the top spot. And in Denmark and Sweden, people find online payment apps to be the most important ones.  

According to the study, around eight out of 10 people use a Facebookowned social media app. WhatsApp and Instagram usually attract new users. While YouTube is the most used social media platform in the US, Whatsapp is taking over this position in the UK. In Sweden, Facebook has a 95% reach in the population aged 15-25 years.

In most countries, more than half of the 10 most important apps are Facebook or Google, showing how US still dominates this sector, added the report.

Over the last few years, multiple conversations about social media addiction, social media induced anxiety and depression, and other negative impacts of such platforms have been spoken about. But, this report seems to contradict that.


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