ViewSonic launches two products to improve distance learning

The new releases — Notas Pen Display and WoodPad Paper — are tools to help students and teachers take notes and manage digital material

ViewSonic has launched two products — Notas Pen Display and WoodPad Paper — to enhance distance learning experience.

The Notas Pen Display PD1330 is a 13.3-inch pen display that features a battery-free pen for creating, sharing, and managing digital material. The WoodPad Paper, on the other hand, is offers digitalised learning notes in real time.

It will not only help students but also teachers who have trouble using the mouse for annotations while maintaining eye contact with students. This will better student engagement and give way to more intuitive teaching.

ViewSonic Notas Pen Display

With the ultra-thin (7 mm) and lightweight (0.8 kg) design, Notas Pen Display will help teachers transmit the content in a better, more digitalized whiteboard handwriting format. With such high-level specs, this product can even be used for professional drawing.

The distance teaching material will be displayed on the digital whiteboard, thanks to its matte LCD with a pen, which comes with pressure levels of 8,192 as well as a +/- 60 degree pent tilt to provide a more natural handwriting experience.

Its 250 point per second (PPS) response rate minimises any latency, less than 26ms. Moreover, this battery-free pen is designed to allow for more precision and diversity in handwriting for text, mathematical formulae, and other common content.

For a better user experience, users can enjoy its six user-defined hotkeys. Teachers will set up shortcuts for functions they commonly use, like “Recovery” or “Eraser”. Additionally, because of the USB Type-C support, the Notas Pen Display can be set up easily to help you keep your desktop neat and tidy.

ViewSonic WoodPad Paper

The other product launched by ViewSonic is the WoodPad Paper drawing pad that will help both teachers and students make digitalized notes with real-time synchronization.

The device works with digitalized papers ranging from yellow legal notepads to sticky notes and more, with up to 1 cm thickness. It’ll also comply with international D1 pens while you can also change strokes and colors depending on different software platforms.

WoodPad Paper offers 4,096 pen pressure levels, a 5,080 LPI resolution, and a +/- 60-degree pen tilt angle on a 7.5-inch writing surface for creating precise handwriting on digital formats for easier creation, management, and storage.

For better usability and versatility, it comes with USB-powered technology to eliminate battery replacement problems while offering compatibility with Mac OS, Windows, and Chrome OS.



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