Samsung launches SmartThings Find to locate lost devices

SmartThings Find can track gadgets that are offline using Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband technology

Samsung has launched SmartThings Find service to help users locate Galaxy devices in case of theft or misplacement.

The app can help you locate not just your Galaxy smartphones, but also wearables like smartwatch and earbuds and tablets. This update will roll out globally for Android 8 and above versions. Unfortunately, it won’t for the older versions.

With the help of Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband technologies, this feature will locate the device, from another Galaxy device.  It will not only locate the devices if it’s in-network but also find it after 30 minutes of it going offline. Users can also opt for “Send last location” option for the last location of the device when it was active.

“With the added advantage of using AR6 in conjunction with maps and sounds to guide you back to your devices, SmartThings Find is a simple and visual solution that will help you easily locate your favourite devices. This is just one example of the new meaningful mobile experiences that UWB technology will bring to people across the world,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Vice President and Head of SmartThings Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

This not only just helps you locate your lost device but also helps in wiping the data stored and remotely back it up. Users have to register to be able to access this feature. The feature uses the location fetched by Google and the wireless network to locate the device.

What other features does the update retain?

  1. Helps in locking the device remotely: If one misplaces the device and is unsure if they have locked it, SmartThings Find can come in handy. It locks the device remotely and prevents others from switching it off so the user can track it. One can also add a contact number or a message on the display screen so that if found by someone else, they can get in touch.
  2. Receive location on move: If the lost device is moving, one can get a notification of the device’s latest location every 15 minutes.
  3. Ring when on mute: The user can make the device ring at its highest volume even if it is on silent mode.
  4. Wipe or backup data: You should activate Samsung Cloud service to opt for this option. This will help you restore your data from the device in the cloud server and you can opt for Erase option that deletes the stored information. You can restore the information from the cloud server once you get back the device.

How to activate:

  1. Go to the settings of your device and select ‘Biometrics and security’ option
  2. Toggle on the Find My Mobile option
  3. Enter your Samsung account details
  4. Then, you will get several options like Send last location, Remote unlock, Ring, etc. Click on the option you want.


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