Google tests feature to compare apps on Play Store

Google Play Store is testing a direct app-to-app comparison feature to help users understand the differences between otherwise similar apps

Google is testing a new section in its Play Store to help users compare listings of similar applications. Some users can see the direct app-to-app comparison feature at the bottom of an app’s page called ‘Compare Apps’.

At the moment, the feature is only being tested for the applications of popular media players. The listed media player apps are compared on the terms of ease of use, offline/online streaming, visual quality etc. The basis of the comparison may be customised according to the category of the apps.

The data displayed might be based on user feedback, according to a report by Android Police. It may also depend on the app’s aggregate star rating and downloads.

Google has confirmed that the experimental feature is indeed live, however, they will not be rolling it out in the immediate future. But, rumour has it that one might spot or get the chance to use it in the Play Store version 22.4.28.

Google has been making quite a few changes to Play Store’s user interface recently to improve its design and usability. Earlier this month, the company removed the three-line hamburger menu as a test, which used to be on the search engine of the Play Store. They have also experimented with the new peer-to-peer app sharing option, upgraded search filters and other visual redesigns to the app screen.


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