Getac introduces integrated LiFi technology to rugged computing

LiFi technology, which uses light to transmit data instead of radio frequency, will provide fully rugged solution with high-speed connectivity

Getac has announced that it will bring integrated LiFi technology powered by pureLiFi in the rugged computing market for the first time. This technology will combine the benefits of durability and reliability with an easy LiFi connectivity for professional sectors. The first device to have the mentioned technology will be Getac’s UX10 fully rugged tablets.

Getac is a leading manufacturer in rugged notebooks and laptops for the military, manufacturing and automotive industries. In collaboration with pureLiFi, they can incorporate the technology into future wireless devices.

What is LiFi?

LiFi stands for Light Fidelity uses light rather than a radio frequency to transmit data. This makes it a high-quality efficient solution than other wireless technologies. The technology provides a secure and reliable high-speed internet connection with a much improved bandwidth than its alternatives.

The lower latency than RF-based products opens new possibilities for innovation into automation, augmented and virtual reality-based applications.

Previously, LiFi technology could be found in the USB dongle that used to be plugged in the devices. However, it was vulnerable and fragile to the harsh working environment of military, manufacturing, etc. With LiFi, these sectors will receive a fully rugged solution with high-speed connectivity that can survive the harsh everyday conditions with ease.

“Getac’s partnership with pureLiFi will make us the pioneer in the rugged devices industry to tap on the potential of next-generation connectivity, strengthening our commitment to customers operating in extreme and challenging environments,” said Amanda Ward, director of EMEA Products and Solutions, Getac in a press release. “We look forward to leveraging on this highly innovative technology to provide customers with secure and reliable products that will further enhance productivity and safety in the workplace.”

LiFi technology in rugged devices will come in varying uses across sectors. For defence, the secure technology can be used for on-field operations. The low latency with fast data collection will enable the public safety sector with faster emergency response. The high-speed connectivity combined with rugged devices can ensure its survivability in the automotive and manufacturing sector without interference with safety-critical operations.


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