Viral copy-paste app ClipDrop now available for $39.99

A twist on AR, ClipDrop literally lets you copy real-life objects and paste them into Photoshop

Back in May, the world got to know about an exciting research project (ClipDrop) testing out the concept of using AR (Augmented Reality) to copy objects in real life and paste them into Photoshop. The demo was impressive but wasn’t available for anyone to use. Until now, when ClipDrop is now a reality for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac users.

It is part artificial intelligence and part augmented reality tool. You’ll be able to use it with your smartphone’s camera to take pictures of real-world objects like a plant, table, jacket, or sketch. The app will scan the object and digitalize it. You will then need to hold the camera over your PC’s or Mac’s copy of photoshop and hit send.

Functions of ClipDrop

One of the most prominent features of ClipDrop is its amazing yet accurate background detection. Promotional videos display the phone pointed at a plant and within a matter of few seconds, the background is removed automatically and pasted onto an exact point on the PC or Mac screen.

It’ll also allow you to screenshot images on your desktop directly. You can then drag and drop them to the desired software without the background. It will work well with a variety of applications including Powerpoint, Photoshop, Google Docs, and more.

“You can extract anything: objects, people, drawings, and text. The quality of the salient object detection, background removal, and text detection is now quite incredible,” said Cyril Diagne, a developer.

How can you download and use ClipDrop?

Till November 20, 2020, ClipDrop will be available at an early bird price of $39.99 per year. This includes full access to all the features on every platform with unlimited clips and no ads. After November 20, the rpice will increase to $79.99 a year, or $9.99 a month. However, you can try it for free on iOS, Windows, and macOS.

In order to use it between devices, you will have to download the application, create an account, and login so that you can attach or create upon opening the app.

You should point your smartphone at the object you want to clip and tap the screen to take the snapshot. Then, the app will remove the background automatically. Once you have the object cut out, point your smartphone at the area of the computer you want to place the snapshot, and click on the ‘drop’ option to import it.

The app is already experiencing a buzz online. But remember, as ClipDrop is still in the beta form, bugs and glitches should be expected.



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