Best smart speakers to buy under ₹20K in 2020

Want a virtual assistant to play music and control your other smart devices? Here’s four of them that won’t cost you more than Rs 20,000

Some of the high quality and multi-functional smart speakers are in the market this year. You can use these speakers to play music, control your smart devices and all this by just giving voice commands.

Here are some of the best smart speakers that you can purchase in 2020 for less than ₹20,000.

  1. Apple Homepod (Price: ₹19,999)

This one makes up for its cost by offering a slew of exciting features. It’ll be the ideal choice for those who wish to construct an Apple ecosystem in their house. It is a compact speaker and can easily be positioned in any corner of the room. It also comes with six microphones that help it catch audio from any part of the room.

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The Apple Homepod comes with an A8 chip and is related to iOS units for playing music. It’ll be suitable for home equipment units and if it fits your needs, you can even pair it with multiple Apple Homepods.

  1. JBL Link 20 (Price: ₹14,315)

There are numerous smart speakers in the market, but not many are portable. The JBL Link 20 isn’t just a high-quality speaker but is also a battery-powered smart speaker. It also supports Google Assistant and is waterproof.

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  1. Mi Smart Speaker (Price: ₹3,999)

Xiaomi has been the latest one to jump into the pool of smart speaker makers. Powered by Google Assistant, Mi Smart Speaker comes with a hoop that glows when you give any command.

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The speaker, which has a built-in Chromecast, has a matte end and a 4-button setup on the contact panel. Its two far-field mics help the DTS sound to provide high-quality sound. The safety digital camera feed could be summoned on TV as it can manage numerous smart units.

  1. Google Nest Mini (Price: ₹3,579)

Amazon used to dominate the market of smart speakers before Google jumped in and managed to catch up. Although Amazon Echo and Google Next Mini are similar in terms of specifications and features, Google Assistant is a bit smarter than Alexa.

Its responses to voice commands are much more flexible. Google Nest Mini can recognize several voices and understand who is who.


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