Is Apple Store Pricing Better Than Flipkart and Amazon?

Apply has officially launched its long-awaited online store in India, offering its wide range of products to customers across the country, a move that will definitely help the tech giant in both the short-term and long-term. Until now, Apple was selling its products through third-party sellers as well as online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. However, all that has changed now.

The customers should expect the same premium experience as what they find in Apple Store locations around the world, delivered by a team of technicians ready to offer their expertise. Some of their offers include trade-ins, direct customer support, exchange offers for used iPhones, contactless delivery, student discounts, and more.                                                                                                                                            

Here is a break up of the offers and services Apple Store will provide to customers in India –

Direct customer support via experienced technicians

The Apple Store will allow people to shop for Apple products and interact with Apple specialists to help them with services such as setting up new devices, configuring Mac, and more.

The customers will be able to receive guidance, get advice, and learn about products directly from Apple technicians, in both English and Hindi.

Student discounts

Apple will offer student discounts where the students will be able to purchase Macs or iPad models at discounted rates or avail themselves of discounts on Apple accessories. The discounts will only be for newly accepted or current university students, parents, lecturers, and staff.

Payment modes and offers

Apple Store provides different offers and payment modes on its site. The customers will be able to pay through credit/debit cards, RuPay, Net Banking, credit card EMI, and UPI.

Currently, Apple is even offering a cashback of 6% (roughly up to ₹10,000) of the cart value on any purchases made using HDFC Bank Credit Cards. The cashback would be offered only on a cart value of ₹20,900 or more and is available until 16th October’20.

Trade-in options

The Apple Store will allow trade-in options for various iPhone models, which means that you can now exchange any smartphone or use it as credit towards the new iPhone models available in the store.

apple store

For doing this, you’ll first need to select the iPhone model that you wish to purchase, answer some questions about your existing phone, and the store will provide a trade-in value of up to ₹35,000 that you can use to lower the price of your new iPhone. The customers will then need to pay the remaining amount in either full or EMI for completing the purchase. Apple clarified that the trade-in values would vary depending on the condition, configuration, and year of purchase of your trade-in device.

Contactless delivery

Every order made on the Apple Store will be shipped with a proper contactless delivery protocol. The orders won’t require your signature and the shipment will be left at your doorstep. Though it will require a verbal confirmation at a safe distance.

How is the Apple Store Pricing in comparison to Flipkart and Amazon?

“The store is already live and clearly the prices are a little high compared to Amazon, Flipkart, or other sellers. As they’re buying the products from cheaper markets like UAE and selling them in India, iPhone 11 will cost around 65-66k in Amazon but 68k in Apple Store. Rest of the options are great though. Especially with student discounts, trade-in, and online support available,” said Dibyajyoti Kabi, a product reviewer and tech analyst.


Apple has kept the original prices and is trusting its business model. The prices might be a bit more as compared to third-party platforms, but you should know that you’ll be getting the products directly from Apple if you purchase from the Apple Store. Moreover, Apple Store is offering a slew of features and benefits to people who choose to purchase products from Apple Store.

Will Apple Store Pricing be the deciding factor for customers?

“Coming to sales, the market will be more competitive as now Apple itself has started selling its devices. As the product line-up is available in the store, in the long run, Apple will become the go-to choice. Apple has just started out, so the prices are higher. As they assemble new products, the prices will go down.”

It is factual that people prefer to trust first-party sellers more than third-party sellers. Why would you buy Apple’s product from Flipkart, when you can buy the same product from Apple at almost the same price? As is the case in every country around the world where the Apple Store is the go-to choice for Apple customers, it is expected to be the same in India.


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