Facebook Inc. accused of allegedly watching Instagram users through iPhone cameras

When it comes to social media, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter continue to be the big boys on the campus.

As of March 2020, Facebook has as many as 2.6 billion worldwide users, making it the biggest and most popular social media platform for the total active users.

Facebook Inc. accused of allegedly watching Instagram users through iPhone cameras
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Then there is Instagram, a relatively new kid on the block. Even though it was founded in 2010, Instagram has managed to enjoy massive success in terms of popularity and growing its active user base. As of January 2020, Instagram has amassed a whopping 1 Billion monthly active users and positioned itself among the fastest growing social media platforms globally. Its growth should come as no surprise as they’re continuously looking to improve the user experience and add more features that attract new users. At a time when smartphones are dominating and users are spending more time browsing their phones daily, Instagram knows how to attract users.

Facebook lands itself in hot water after their latest accusation

Facebook Inc. is once again in hot water as it is sued for allegedly spying on Instagram users through the unauthorized use of mobile phone cameras.

The lawsuit against Facebook Inc. springs from media reports in July and it stated that Instagram appeared to be accessing iPhone cameras even when the app wasn’t actively being used.

However, Facebook has denied the reports strongly and blamed a bug. They said it was correcting, for triggering what it describes as false notifications that Instagram was accessing iPhone cameras.

In the complaint that was filed in a federal court in San Francisco, New Jersey on Thursday. Brittany Conditi, an Instagram user accused that the app’s usage of the camera was intentional and done solely for the purpose of collecting “lucrative and valuable data on its users that it would not otherwise have access to.”

Because of “obtaining extremely private and intimate personal data on the users, including in the privacy of their own homes,” Facebook and Instagram were able to collect “valuable insights and market research,” according to the complaint filed.

In response, Facebook declined to comment on the situation.

In a suit that was filed last month, Facebook Inc. was again accused that it was using facial-recognition technology for illegally harvesting the biometric data of over 100 million Instagram users. Facebook had denied the claims and said that face recognition technology isn’t being used by Instagram.


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